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Welcome to Everest Human Resource Consultants

With the advent of terrorism and rise in crime rate, a need was felt to raise a security agency, so that individuals/organizations and Industrial houses could feel safe. Hence, M/s Everest Human Resource Consultants was raised to provide ‘Error Free’ Security Services.

We have the proud privilege and honour in introducing ourselves as one of the prestigious and leading companies in Security and Allied Services Management System. M/s Everest Human Resource Consultants, comprises of a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals. Behind this company, is a saga of sweat, sagacity and strategy that sets the precedence for the future followers. From evolution of an idea, to setting of a mission, the search for supremacy ends only in its achievements.

With this need-based approach, the company has been in this field for the last about nine years, providing security for properties, Industries, Corporate, men and materials, against theft, pilferage, sabotage, all kinds of man made threats, strikes and labour unrest. We pay our utmost attention in assisting the management by way of extra security measures and staff. We also render advice to clients on all security matters. Members of our Management are available for emergency at any time.